Things You Should Know Before Choosing Florida Property Insurance

When it comes time to purchase property insurance in Florida, it can be a rather stressful decision.  However, if you take the time to understand what the different coverages mean, as well as which options work best for your situation, you can choose the best coverages and pricing for your needs.  The following are coverages that are available, and how important they are for your property insurance policy.

Structure Insurance

This type of coverage covers the costs associated with repairs that might be required, as well as the costs to completely rebuild your home in the event of a total loss.  Many companies use different methods to determine these costs according to, so it is important that you understand this coverage.  You need to make sure that the coverage amounts are based on the actual cost of rebuilding your home now, rather than its market value to ensure that you have enough coverage.

Personal Property

Another important aspect of property insurance in Florida is personal property coverage.  These coverages cover the cost of replacing the contents of your home if they are damaged.  These coverage amounts can vary greatly, with some companies only providing coverage that will cover the original cost of your belongings, rather than the amount that it will take to replace them at the current rates for new items.  Make sure that you take the time to verify this to ensure that you choose a coverage amount that will truly cover your belongings.

Guest Medical Coverage

There are many ways that someone can be injured on your property, and you are liable for the costs associated with them.  For example, someone can trip over a branch, fall on the stairs, or even step in a hole.  If they are injured, guest homeowners coverage on your property insurance in Florida will help pay the medical costs so that you do not have to pay them out of your own property.

Is Flooding Covered?

Flood insurance in Florida from is one of the most important property insurance coverages, especially if you live near the coast.  However, this type of insurance is not included in basic homeowners’ policies.  Instead, you will need to purchase separate flood insurance to make sure that your home is covered.  Many insurance companies provide water damage coverage as part of their base policy, but this is not the same as flood insurance. 

Water damage policies cover damages that result from backed up sewers and drains, or due to an overflowing sump pump.  Flood coverage covers the damages that result from flash floods or strong storms.  One inch of water can cause significant damage, and it is possible to experience flooding no matter how close you are to a body of water.  For this reason, you need to make sure you are protected.

Property insurance in Florida from will not be a difficult process.  Making sure you understand the coverages will ensure that you know exactly what you need to protect your home and finances.